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Many of us have it and many of us dont! However with the help of the internet we can obtain almost everything and needless to say Gujarati Bible is one of the things that we all desire to have within our reach (well assuming you can read Gujarati).

For those that do not have the Gujarati Bible in their midst you can visit the following website for the Entire Gujarati Bible. Or you can access which currently has John, Acts and Genesis available for you to read (and more to come).

However if you would like to obtain a copy of the Gujarati Bible in your hand we recommend you visit where they sell various Gujarati Bibles. Or try the following website for Bibles as well as some Gujarati Christian books No-Frontiers.

However, if you cannot obtain one from, we highly encourage you to contact our President Dr. Dinker M. Taylor at 609-298-2345, and he will gladly assist you in providing a bible.

We hope these resources will help increase your faith and encourage you to share Christ!

Also, there is a great website called which offers hindi and punjabi christian songs and videos.

There are many more great sites out there and you can find them by clicking on "Links" on the left hand side menu, and followed by clicking one of the sub-sections to see the various links. 

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